SuperSpotter Carpet Cleaning in Killeen Texas

Our Killeen carpet cleaning service is a thorough 6- step process. We have more services to offer, but our basic cleaning is more than what other carpet cleaner companies offer. We get great results on standard polypropylene, wool, and even Berber carpets. The key is attention to detail and persistence. By providing each customer with quality service, using environmentally safe products, and a “never say die” attitude you will always know what to expect.

We start the carpet cleaning process by walking through your home, inspecting the condition of your carpet, identifying heavily soiled areas that may require more attention and looking for telltale signs of wear or damage that may need repair. We will move your light moveable furniture out of the way. Our technicians are strong, but industry standards do not allow us to move any large heavy pieces, precious breakable items or electronic equipment.

Next, we will go do a thorough vacuuming, of the carpet, to remove the loose soil. We use commercial quality vacuums to get the best result, these are some of the toughest vacuums around. When companies don’t vacuum on the first visit they can really create a mess. Even if you vacuum twice a week, as is recommended, the carpet should be vacuumed before cleaning.

Before actually starting the cleaning, our service technicians observe the rule of “All stains included” which means they perform stain pretreatments. Our SuperSpotter cleaner product is ideal for getting the soil to separate from the carpet fiber in those high traffic areas and other areas where surface staining is common. Allowing the solution to soak for a minute or two will give this green cleaning product time perform its magic. This product is available for sale, just ask about it when scheduling or on your service appointment.

Your Killeen cleaning professional will then apply our general carpet cleaner to the area to be cleaned. Using our gentle circular extraction machine with 100% cotton bonnets, we will begin cleaning each carpet fiber on all sides. Some methods rely on forward and backward motion, missing the sides of the carpet fiber. Our method rotates each fiber in a circular motion while the cotton bonnet agitates and breaks the soil away, trapping the dirt in our cleaning solution. That fluffy bonnet then absorbs the liquid and the soiling, leaving the carpet citrus fresh. If we need to go over areas more than one time, to get the best result, we will.

Upon completion of the cleaning, The Carpet Cleaning Co.‘s carpet technician will groom your carpet. This is very important as carpet fibers can mat, slowing the dry time, and dry in unsightly ways. As we separate the carpet fibers, this will raise the nap of the carpet, giving it a more uniform look, and speed up dry time because more air flow can get between the fibers.

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